Don’t resort to senseless violence.

You’re miserable. Before you buy an assault rifle and climb a tall building, consider a somewhat less drastic measure––let me find you a better job.

I match people to positions. I want you happy; I want your employer happy. Why? Because I love lasting relationships, almost as much as I love money.

If I keep people happy, I get paid (which makes my starving wife and kids happy). If you find a job that makes you happy, you’ll do better work––work that will make your employer money—eventually making you more money and making everyone happier. This capitalism is a great thing (suck it, commies)!

Come see the positions available, confidentially, with no obligation. If something interests you, submit your electronic resume and we’ll work on getting you happy again. My job listings change constantly, so send me your resume to keep on file. Then I’ll let you know when your dream job appears.

I’ll make your future brighter, while making us both some dinero. Sweet.